25-year-old Rapper, Lil Durk Expecting 7th Child With His 6th Babymama, India Royale (Photos+Video)

When God commanded man to go into the world and multiply, it appears some made it their life’s mission to follow through with that command. Such is the case of American rapper, Lil Durk.

Lil Durk expecting his 7th child with his sixth baby mama, India Royale (Photo: Instagram)

25-year-old US-based rapper identified as Lil Durk, who once reportedly declared that he would like to have 10 children, is currently expecting his 7th child with his 6th babymama, India Royale.

It was gathered that the couple who have been dating for a while, will be having their first child together, which will be the 7th for Lil Durk who already has six children with five other babymamas.

Lil Durk and India Royale

According to a local blog, he already has 6 children with 5 other woman. Although he claims just 3 of the children, the mothers of the other 3 insists he is the father of their children.

Durk and his newest baby mama, India who’s carrying a baby girl, already named her Bella and recently threw a gender reveal party.

Watch the video below.

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