“Am alive” – Woman alleged to have jumped into Lagos lagoon refutes rumors

Photos of a Nigerian woman who lives in Texas has been circulating online as the woman who jumped into the lagoon beneath Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday.

The woman, named Toyin, has now refuted the rumors by sharing recent photos of herself via her Instagram account.

She captioned he photo: “Am alive, and I will live long on earth.”

Earlier, a Facebook user claimed the woman had jumped into Third Mainland Bridge because her husband found out about an affair she was carrying out with a Nigerian-based man and when he did a DNA test on all three of his kids he found out none was his.

Below is the story that made the rounds which the woman was forced to deny.


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  • Its an obvious lie and fake news. The lagoon in not her bath top, and there was no standby rescue. It will take unprovoked miracle to see her alive. Nobody is happy to see suicide but after such atrocities, she would be most happy to pass on than stay and face this shameful and well publicised act of adultery.

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