Billionaire daughter, Hauwa Indimi, set to wed Muhammad Yar’Adua (Pre-wedding Photos)

Daughter of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, Hauwa, will in a few days time, get married to her man, Muhammad Yar’Adua.

Their wedding will be taking place at the bride’s father’s compound in Maiduguri, Borno state.

The couple had a pre-wedding photo shoot and shared some of the beautiful photos online.

See photos below:

Muhammad Yar’Adua dated Zahra Buhari for two years before the latter’s father became President.

The relationship blossomed all through the first year of Buhari’s presidency when Mohammed was believed to have proposed to Zahra. Zahra who seemed to have gotten used to her new status did not see herself marrying him and she told him plainly.

Disappointed but not to the point of desperation, Mohammed moved on while Zahra went on to marry Indimi’s son (Hauwa’s brother) in a wedding that belied the austere status of the father.

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