Blessing Timidi-Digha and husband lament after losing two kids in fire outbreak

Nigerian reproductive health expert, Timidi, lost two of her kids to fire on Saturday.

Lamenting on her loss, she shared their photos on social media with the heart wrenching caption:

“Why were my kids punished for my sins? We were working our lives out to give these kids head start in life, they were our inspiration and somehow they were taken from us. ‘God knows best’ abi?As young as they were , they seemed to know what they wanted. Damilare and Itunu said they were going to become doctors. I swore to give it my all so as to realise this dream but I couldn’t save them from the hands of death.

“What a father.No parent should ever feel this pain I feel.People have been saying ‘be a man’, ‘be strong’….. No one has bothered to tell me ‘HOW’, give me a manual to read from and I will read it in a minute.

“Lord I hope this day is good I’m feeling empty and misunderstood I should be thankful Lord I know I should But Lord I hope this day is good.”

Read below tweets shared by two Twitter users, Okafor Ikechukwu & Princess Ife:

Waking up to see the breaking news of my (our) dear Timidi blessing who lost her two kids in a fire outbreak.

Please let’s pray for @SuperGirlTimidi she needs us right now.

Am still in shock.
Enteral rest Itunu and damilare.

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