Buhari bends to pick up something from the floor for a lady but Nigerians are not impressed(Photo)

Yesterday at the Investiture of Chief Gani Fawehimi, something fell from Ganiat Fawehimi’s hand to the ground and to the surprise of a lot of people, president Muhammadu Buhari,swiftly helped her to pick it up.

Members of the president’s publicity unit have been everywhere on Social media, singing president Buhari’s praise, how humble and gentlemanly, he is.

However, many Nigerians on social media were very unimpressed with the move by some of the president’s aide, saying it would make more sense for Buhari to bend and fix Nigeria.

See reactions from Nigerians

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  • lol, this is entirely for political shows!
    President Buhari shouldn’t go this line of the normal Nigerian politicians, he doesn’t need these to win 2019 election!

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