Champions League: Salah’s injury God’s punishment because he broke his fast – Preacher


A Kuwaiti preacher Mubarak al-Bathali has claimed that Egyptian football star Mohammed Salah’s injury during the Champions League Final match against Real Madrid was “God’s punishment because he broke his fast”.

Mubarak al-Bathali claimed that Salah sinned by breaking his fast for the match, adding that the Egyptian was poorly advised and that he will “unfortunately bear the burden” for it, reported Spanish football site, AS.

Bathali says Salah sinned by breaking his fast for the match, rather than the journey from Britain to Ukraine,which was “not a legitimate excuse”

He said “Do not think the Muslim believes that life is managed by reason and effort, but life in the hand of God comes to whom he wills, whether hard or not diligent,” Al-Bathali wrote. “Perhaps (the injury) is good for you.”


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