Leave APC and stop complaining bitterly – Nigerians attack senator Shehu Sani


In what could be interpreted as  Senator Shehu Sani’s response to the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s recent change of slogan from ‘Change’ to ‘Progress’, Nigerians have thrown all sorts of jabs at him.

The Lawmaker from Kaduna state had taken to Twitter on Sunday to drop his two cents on the APC’s new slogan change. He wrote “A sellotape cannot conceal or cure a wound. Coloring the head of a vulture cannot turn it to an Eagle”, a comment that earned him series of backlash from some Nigerian Twitter users.

He wrote;

Many Nigerians on Twitter immediately attacked him for his comment, advising him to leave the party, if his ideologies no longer match that of APC. Some were even of the view that leaving APC was a more honourable thing to do, instead of staying bitter at everything the party does.

See what they wrote

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