Mice Snack In Bank Of India, Chew Up N6.7m Cash

Mice have apparently chewed through 1.2 million INR (N6.7m) worth of bank notes.

The rodents snacked on the currency inside an ATM in Tinsukia, which is located in north-eastern India’s Assam state.

Staff at the State Bank of India called technicians after the cash machine stopped working, according to Times of India.

When the engineer opened up the ATM they were shocked to discover rodents had chewed through 1.2 million INR, which was half of the cash inside.

Pictures showed the shredded notes.

The bank has since complained to the police but no-one quite knows what they expect them to do about it.

Tinsukia district Superintendent of Police Mugdhajyoti Mahanta said: ‘When the engineer and other officials opened the ATM, they found destroyed notes and also found a dead mouse inside the ATM.’