Nicki Minaj Shares New Sexually Explicit Teaser of Post Malone’s ‘Ball For Me

Nicki Minaj has yet another anticipated video, this time for Post Malone’s Ball For Me.

From the clip shared on her Instagram, it’s apparent that she rented our a pool for the video which looks just like the one from Bed. And she is outfitted in a loose fitting sheer dress, which becomes completely see-through because of her contact with water.

While many people have said they can’t wait for this to drop, others are waiting for her other videos which she kept postponing, from Big Bank to Bed, and now, Ball For me.

So, why isn’t she dropping the videos?

Her next album, Queen, is set to drop on August 10, and we are guessing she is delaying all these, playing the chess, keeping herself in the conversation especially since none of her new singles became a summer hit song.

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