Nigerian Naval officer rain curses on his ex who left him because of the long distance between them

A heartbroken man has taken to social media to lay curses on his ex who he claims left him because of the long distance between them.

Michael Okwudili Ifeanyi, a Naval officer, shared a photo of himself with his ex during good times, then accused her of leaving him even after all he did for her.

He said he has forgiven her, then turned around and said his God will never forgive her.

e wrote:

I don’t regret my past. I just regret the time I have wasted with you i never hurt you b4 but as you said you av move on bcos of distance i av forgiven you but my God will never forgive you for all i av done for you Sunday Udoh Angela

Michael then proceeded to slam all unfaithful women in another post ;

Girls be like fan d way she take blow military guy, na so she go still blow civilan even torch yahoo boys too.

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