Nigerian Undergraduate recounts how Tramadol almost ruined his life


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Saddam Saidu, an undergraduate at the Federal University, Lokoja, has told of how Tramadol addiction almost ruined his life. According to the young man, he was only saved because his father, Mohammed, fought addiction with him.

Saidu narrated how his friends who were drug abusers, influenced him into being a addict of Tramadol and other opiates. In a Town hall meeting  in Abuja on Tuesday to mark the 2018 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking, with the theme, ‘Listen first: Listening to children and youths is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe’, Saidu said;

“I finished my secondary school about eight years ago, but I am in 200 level at the university. You can see how my addiction had affected my academic progress. The last time I saw some of my friends, they were so impressed, they kept telling me I was looking good; I want to thank my father for not giving up on me.”

This is all thanks to his father, who spent a fortune, to ensure that his son is rehabilitated in an expensive rehabilitation clinic in Wuse, Abuja.. Mohammed said;

“I was running an online Masters programme with a foreign university. The programme cost me $2,250 but I had to abandon the programme to focus on the rehabilitation of my son.

The political science student therefore urged parents to monitor their children as drug abuse was swiftly wasting lives of young people.

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