Nigerians weigh-in on Bukola Saraki’s involvement in Offa Bank robberies

The Nigerian news wave has been agog , following news that Senate president Bukola Saraki has been linked to the deadly Offa bank robbery in April. The senate president, who has already been invited by the police to answer questions following confessions of 5 suspects of the bank robbery, has said the news is false and he has no hand in it.

Well, the story has stirred  a mixed reactions among many Nigerians on social media. While some are of the opinion that Mr Saraki is just a victim of police victimization, other are saying the thugs on his payroll are blackmailing him.

See reactions from some Nigerians on Twitter below:

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  • why believe someone who was born with silver spoon, became a medical doctor, SA Budget to President for about three years, Governor for eight years and now Senate President can send some criminals to go rob a bank.

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