#Russia2018: Achilles the deaf cat picks Nigeria to beat Argentina in their final Group D match

With Marcus, the mystic pig faltering in its predictions, attention has been turned to another psychic animal, this time, Achilles the cat to predict football outcomes.

Achilles the cat, the animal oracle for the 2018 World Cup,who is reportedly deaf and has made several previous correct predictions has predicted that Nigeria will beat Argentina in their final Group D match.

The cat was presented with a choice of two bowls of food with Argentinian and Nigerian flags placed next to them, and Achilles preferred the latter one.

Earlier, the congenitally deaf snow-white cat correctly predicted Russia’s wins over Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Iran’s victory over Morocco and Brazil’s defeat of Costa Rica.

The Group D game between two-time former champions Argentina and Nigeria will be held at the St. Petersburg Stadium at 7:00 PM Local time today.

Argentina go into the match knowing only a victory could see them through to the round of 16.


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