The Legality of Online Gambling Around the World

Online gambling has become a behemoth of an industry. The massive appeal of classic casino games and exciting new video or themed slot games have people all over the world desiring a game of blackjack or a spin on the latest slot machines.

But it’s not just the real-money gaming that people come in their millions for. Casino games have always been sought out because they offer a fun time, so people in countries that have not legalised online gambling still go to free casino sites to wager in-game currency and play the games.

The legality of online gambling around the world is still unknown to many people who are hoping to play casino games, with some even questioning if it’s legal to play the games for in-game currency – thus not gambling with real money.

Where is casino gaming legal?

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One of the world’s online gambling hotspots is Great Britain. Across Great Britain, millions of people play real money casino games on their computers, phones and tablets every day. Millions also use their devices to do some sports betting. Anyone over the age of 18 can play gambling games and gamble online with a site which has been issued a license by the Gambling Commission.

Across the world, in Oceania, two nations that are rather close in proximity host very different online gambling laws. Australia recently amended their law on gambling with the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 to plug loopholes which formerly allowed for online gambling. The amendment bill means that offshore gambling operators cannot offer their services in Australia unless granted a license, of which no state or territory will allow.

Their close neighbours, New Zealand, have a much more relaxed stance on online gambling. It is not illegal for a person in New Zealand to play online casino games if that website is based overseas. This leaves the door open to a huge range of sports betting and casino gaming sites to be accessed at the click of a button.

Spin around to Nigeria, and it’s a rather different story. Online gambling in Nigeria is illegal. Organisations caught operating a gambling site in Nigeria can be prosecuted. The government is attempting to stop its citizens from playing online casino games. Luckily, free slot apps are legal in Nigeria and host all of the top online casino games that gambling sites do, so people in Nigeria can still indulge in some casino action with in-game money, just like they can do in much of the world, for instance in Canada or Germany.

Technology opening opportunities

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Advancements in technology have allowed the creation of classic land-based casino games being made into free casino apps that now host more slot games than could previously be fathomed. Another key advancement has been the birth of live casino games, which stream live dealers while allowing players to play the game in real time.

Due to laws in each country needing to react to the revolution of online gambling, and doing so comparatively slowly, sites and operators have had to move around based on new regulations. Take the new regulations in Australia which ban online gambling operators, New Zealand’s TAB was forced out of the country and cut out from its player base. Luckily, thanks to the power of the internet and the advancements of technology, the operators were allowed to move.

However, players from New Zealand, who are allowed to play at TAB, could no longer access the online gambling site when in Australia. But, a loophole has been found. New Zealanders using mobile data on a roaming plan can continue to play online casino games when in Australia.

The internet has opened up so many new opportunities to the world, particularly when it comes to online gambling. While not everyone can enjoy online casino games for real money anywhere in the world, there are some great free apps that allow the play of the most popular games. 



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