Tragedy Averted As Fulani Boy And His Cattle Stray Into Major Road In Abuja (Photos)

It has been reported some level of tragedy was averted in the Federal Capital city yesterday evening after an incident with some roaming cattle

The herd of cattle reportedly strayed into the busy CBN road in Karu, Abuja, nearly causing multiple accidents.

A Journalist, Olola Akioye who witnessed the incident, took some time to lament about the matter online.

He wrote: ”Somebory shout Hallelujah o. Thank God for delivering me today.

“I was just coming jeje o, on CBN road Karu Abuja o. This boy led his cows to block a major road o, he almost caused multiple accident o, where in the world did he spring from.

“I forgot there was a girl about his age there too. They didn’t even care about us, they kept on leading their cows and we had to wait. 

“Ha, Jesu gbawa lowo awon deranderan o”.

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