You aren’t any better: Nigerians throw mud at Atiku Abubakar for comment over Plateau Killings


 Former Vice president Atiku Abubakar was dragged through the mud after he took to Twitter to lambast the present government for failing to secure the lives of Nigerians. Atiku. who is also vying for the post of president come 2019 said it is hypocritical of the ruling elite to provide world class security for themselves using tax payer money and public resources, yet leave the Nigerians who voted them at the mercy of armed bandits.

See what Atiku said via Twitter;

Well, Nigerians said it was hypocritical of a former VP to say that considering he is part of the ruling elite. They reminded him of the killings that took place whilst he was Vice president and how he did nothing too

See reactions below


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  • Let’s try him before jumping to the conclusion that he is not any better.
    But for me, Atiku is not bereft of ideas and will hit the ground running when elected.

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