Cardi B shares her bank statement after fans said her Lamborghini was leased

Cardi B who alongside her husband Offset showed off matching Lamborghini cars they bought to celebrate baby Kulture’s birth, has shut down her haters with her bank statement.

The superstar rapper whose haters called out for showing off her ‘leased Lamborghini’, shared her bank statement which showed she withdrew over a half million to outrightly buy the car and not lease.

Cardi B who stated that people love doubting, also explained why she got the blue coloured car as against red which is her favourite colour. She tweeted;

‘A lot of people keep asking me why i got a blue Lambo since ya know my fav color red Well it was the only Lambo they had with the top off and i really wanted a top off car

People love doubting you then when you hit them with receipt is still a problem Suck my dick Now goodbye !Im finna do a song to get nikkas mad …Studio

People that claim they hate me be the ones that watch me the most .They talk shit when I’m doing good and when I’m doing bad .They asshole get maa wet when i post something or a blog post about me.They be so thirsty to watch every move i make yet that claim they hate me

But, despite dropping over half a million on the sports car, Cardi B won’t be getting in the driver’s seat any time soon because she doesn’t have a license. Yes, seriously.

Taking to Instagram, the new mum showed off her new purchase with her 29.1million followers. ‘Blessed & Gifted Official Lamb owners @offsetyrn #aventador #His&Hers #kultureparents,’ she captioned the upload, alongside a string of heart emojis.

In a video on her story, Cardi gave fans a closer look at her new addition, and revealed she had her nails done to match the car – while casually showing off her huge rock of an engagement ring, naturally. Cardi’s new buy comes after she was forced to pull out of supporting Bruno Mars on his 24k Magic tour, after ‘underestimating’ how much being a new mum would affect her.

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