”Giving land for ranching better than death” – Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity has asked Nigerians who are against this administration’s ranching and colony programmes for herdsmen to have a rethink.

He stressed that farmers are better off living with the ranches and colonies than dying through the persisting conflicts.

Adesina said this when he spoke on an AIT morning programme.

Responding to a question on ancestral attachments to land which would be very difficult to give up to herdsmen for ranching, Adesina said

“Ancestral attachment? You can only have ancestral attachment when you are alive. If you are talking about ancestral attachment, if you are dead, how does the attachment matter? The National Economic Council that recommended ranching didn’t just legislate it, there were recommendations. So, if your state genuinely does not have land for ranching, it is understandable. Not every state will have land for ranches. But where you have land and you can do something, please do for peace. What will the land be used for if those who own it are dead at the end of the day?”.

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  1. This guy is blinded for being in the corridor of power. He exclaimed ‘Ancestral land!’ as if he couldn’t understand what it meant. Besides, pastoral business is a private business and the cattle owners should liaise with any local government that has land and if available, should built the ranches by themselves.


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