‘I miss sex so much – Pretty lady tweets

A lady on Nigerian Twitter has succeeded in unlocking a whole new level of missing sex with her controversial tweet on sex.

The pretty lady wrote ;

Yes i miss sex soo much.. i even get jealous of my door when i put the key in it

However, some users were disappionted with her post and she recieved backlash for it.

One user wrote ;

Hmmn..new online olosho format looking for customers……Insert the same key into your vagina and turn it 360.. if no satisfaction, put the padlock in too or dm bobriskys gateman to come and service you for free. Oponu

Another wrote ;

Fvvk yourself with the key nah after u don open the door. We don’t need to know this in social media. Just report yourself to me if u run into problem. As a Gynaecologist I have retrieved several bizarre objects from the Vagina including house keys .So u see u are not alone. Onye ara.

She then took the post down and changed her handle.

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