Kwara state governor explains why he may soon leave APC

Kwara state Governor Ahmed AbudulFatah at a town hall meeting which took place at the state banquet hall in Ilorin on Thursday, has highlighted why he may soon dump the ruling All Progressive Party APC.

The Governor who said “We formed APC together in 2014 with the hope to meet the needs and aspirations of the people in critical areas of our national life” then gave the following as his reasons.

He said the government at the National level has failed to address insecurity across the country.

He equally cited the economic condition of the country which the federal government has failed to tackle as another reason.

Lastly, He noted the high level of unemployment within the country as another reason.

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  • I wander if the Governor has ask his mentor why he was that part of that Government and party that run this country down for eight years

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