Kylie Jenner fan spends N6.7m on lip filler to look like the star

A crazy Kylie Jenner fan has spent an amazing £14,000 (N6.7 million) on lip filler alone, just to look like the reality TV star.

James Holt, 24, from Manchester, never felt truly happy with his natural look and his biggest insecurities were always his lips, until he turned 16 and had his first of many fillers.

According to Metro UK, he has had his fillers spill out of his lips because there was too much in them, but he continues to plan his next procedures and still gets his lips topped-up every two months.

James relished the feeling he got after his first round of fillers and knew that he would keep on having them, despite what his friends and family said.

So far, James has spent a total of £14,000 on his lips alone. As well as having his lips done every two to four months, James has also had two nose jobs, Botox every three months, teeth whitening twice a year and Botox injections into his armpits to prevent sweating.

James travelled abroad to Poland for his nose jobs, with each one costing £4,000. The Botox procedure has set James back £12,000 as he has been doing it since the age of 18, and a further £4,000 on cheek fillers as well as £1,000 on chin fillers.

“I wasn’t happy with my natural look, but I feel comfortable with this fake look,” said James.

“I started when I was 16 when I found someone who would give me lip fillers, and I think it’s got better with time. I like going to different people to have work done because there’s different techniques that they can use. It adds to my face.

“I’ve always wanted to change my face after seeing celebs doing it, so I thought I’d start with my lips and getting Botox injections.

“It felt great after the first time and I knew I’d be getting more.”

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