Lady advises women on how to get what they want from Nigerian men

Lisa Gaitho, a Kenyan fashion blogger, who is in a relationship with a Nigerian man, has advised women to be submissive to their men in order to get whatever they want from them.

In her latest vlog titled “How to get what you want from your man”, she advised women to wash their men, dry and oil their bodies.

“If he wants to go take his bath, literally wash him. Scrub him, don’t let him do anything, wash him, clean his ears, like how you would if he was a baby. Dry him and oil him,” she says.

In the video, Lisa, who lives in Nigeria with her boyfriend, also revealed that her boyfriend caters to her needs as she cannot afford a luxurious lifestyle despite being a fashion blogger and designer.

“I cannot afford to fly to amazing places or buy certain things, I cannot even afford my lifestyle, I have to face reality because I’m not there yet and will rely on a man to do it for me,” she adds.

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