Man Slaps His Girlfriend For Wanting To Fry Four Eggs For Herself (Photo)

A gist is currently trending online and it is the case of a man who slapped his girlfriend for wanting to fry four eggs (all for herself).

The man who seemingly reported himself to a popular twitter account wrote;

I know a lot of people will call me petty or stingy but this is a complete no no for me.

How can a woman fry 4 eggs all by herself, just for her alone to eat, how can? That is the height of extravagance, it is stupid and foolish of any human being, it is wasteful and inconsiderate.

My girl came visiting and this morning she was about to fry 4 eggs for her alone.

I reduced the eggs and she got angry and poured it into the sink and i slapped her, then she packed her things and left my house.

I love her but i will not tolerate this, ladies be careful, this is why many of you are single.

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