Nigerians worry about Wizkid’s health after new video with Diddy

Nigerian Twitter has expressed concern about Wizkid’s health after American music mogul, Diddy shared a video of himself and the Starboy late last night.

Although the widely celebrated singer has never been on the chubby side, Nigerians worry he looks frail and sickly.

See their reactions:

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  • you all are dumb-head and sick, you’re worried about wizki, you all should be worry about, what is the hell wrong with you all, you all have been sold out to westerners , your have no right to living life that belong to you, your westerners leaders have been manipulating you all by make you believed that you country is ruling leaders you choose, you all should be worry about kicking you out of your land, worried about your brother/sisters who dies on sea every day by trying to cross to Europe where they think they will have better life, you all should be worried about without paying for tolls you can cross to other part of your city. you should be worried about used your resources exchange for weapon to kill your own brothers and sister. when you all we wake up and say enough is enough? when will you all wake up and realized your life have no value?when are you all going to wake up into reality?

  • D guy don catch aids joor,he no fit control money wen he get,women don finish am.he just need to seek d face of God.

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