Sweet Story Of Young And Talented Film Director, Jogry Who Collaborated With Clarence Peters

Jogry, CEO of KakaFilmPro

There is always a tale of struggles with demons, cash crunch and other technicalities militating against the progress of Nigerian stars at the budding stages of their lives. 

Joshua Bassey aka Jogry who hails from Cross River State had his fair share of challenges as a dreamer from the streets of Jericho, Ibadan – Oyo State. He barely had access to cable TV unlike most privileged kids who enjoyed the works of the continent’s and world biggest entertainment stars at the snap of their fingers. But with the judicious use of the meagre resources he had at hand, Jogry was determined to make it to the zenith in his childhood ambition of being a cinematographer.

Jogry admired the dexterity of legendary music video director, Clarence Peters and never knew he would share the same set with the iconic cinematographer in a matter of time. The young man who was hit with odd economic realities traversed different geopolitical zones in Nigeria in the quest for knowledge about filmmaking and also making a mark in life with a formidable production structure.

He is a multi-talented youth with deep roots in creativity, storytelling, stellar handling of the camera, listening skills and good sense of judgement. He has lso worked with a number of fantastic music artistes in Abuja.

The year 2018 came with the blessing of putting him on the same set with one of the highest paid music video directors in Nigeria. He was made to support Clarence Peters who had a brief stint at a South African film school.

Clarence Peters and Jogry working together on the set of Saga Ocean’s Ori

Clarence was quick to recognize the potentials of Jogry and soon they both clicked like blood brothers. Clarence consulted extensively with him in shooting the ‘Ori’ video of a buzzing music artiste, Saga Ocean. Observers claim Jogry was like a utility player on the set of the shooting of the music video as he participated actively in the arrangement of the set and other logistics, coaching of characters that appeared in the video, writing out scripts, acting alongside the actors, taking shots and the general pre and post production of the music video which is currently enjoying positive reviews online and on major TV stations across the country.

According to Jogry, Ori is a unique song which he personally connected to as it tells a story of his personal struggles as a kid from a humble background with big dreams in life.

“I believe I have what it takes to be the best in Nigeria” Jogry affirmatively told journalists in Abuja.

“I do a lot and it amazes people. I can rap, I can dance, I can act, I can sing, I can shoot, I can edit films, I also coach and manage the careers of music artistes. I love to tell stories that make indelible marks in hearts of the audience with my films” the handsome young man added with confidence.

He also used the juncture of the interview to shower vast praises on Clarence Peters whom he learned alot from in the course of their brief stint on the set of Ori.

“Clarence is a legend and working with him within a short period of my career means so much to me. I have always watched his works online and on TV with big aspirations about sharing the same set with the living legend. I never knew dreams could come true speedily. We should always dream as big as an ocean” he emphasized.

Jogry also playing a character on the set of Ori

Jogry is presently projecting his brand under the banner of @Kakafilmpro which he founded and he is optimistic about a major breakthrough in the competitive entertainment industry very soon.

One thing you can’t take away from Jogry is the fighting spirit of an average Nigerian youth which he exudes having survived the threatening tides of life which have destroyed the dreams and aspirations of millions of others.

Watch a short clip of the making of Saga Ocean’s Ori music video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY1I5J-aq8M&w=450&h=480]

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