Trending: See video of Moving Tanker in Maryland dripping Fuel

A video trending on social media features a tanker with the NNPC logo driving past the Maryland, Lagos underpass, dripping fuel.

The rear end of the tanker was seen dripping fuel with a kid on board trying to clog it with a rag. Of course, the boy was only wasting his time.

The truth is, we must continue to demand security of lives and properties from the people we have contracted that job to through voting, and we must not forget to play our part as citizens.

A citizen is driving that truck, possibly two more beside him/her. And someone is putting his life and those of other road users at risk by holding a piece of cloth against a leaking petrol tank!

We have to do better. Don’t condone or perpetrate indiscipline or irresponsiblity of any kind.

See the video below:


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