Actor William Uchemba’s kind gesture to a groundnut seller on the streets of Lagos (Video)

Nollywood actor, William Uchemba has taken to his Instagram to show yet another kind gesture he gave to a groundnut seller on the streets of Lagos.

The actor has been on his ‘works of charity’ for sometime now and this one will definitely make your day as we see him put a smile on the face of the young groundnut seller after buying the whole tray of groundnut which he said cost N1200 only.

He wrote on his IG narrating the scenario;

“He was sitting on the road side with this groundnut looking tired and hungry I stopped and realized he hasn’t sold anything today so I asked him how much all his groundnut cost and he said N1200($5), he has been under the sun since morning for $5 ..I didn’t know a better way to make his day better so I gave him my snickers (which happened to be his size) with 10,000 and asked him to go home and call it a day.

He also told me that he is in school and this is how he helps pay his fees and help the family as well, but I don’t think I want him to selling again..I am not a rich man but I realized that it actually doesn’t cost a lot to help people, the truth of the matter is that anyone can help someone in need without having a lot of money.

I have a lot of shoes but I can only wear one at a time while the rest seats at home so why would I want to keep them all to myself when I can share with people that don’t have much.why could you keep 100k in your account and you have a lot of helpless and hungry people around you and you pass them by without feeling a sense of guilt and compassion.YOU CANT HELP THE WHOLE WORLD BUT YOU CAN HELP SOMEONE..this is the life I’ve decided to live and it sure will be nice if you try it by helping people around you that are in need… #Godislove”

Watch video below;

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