APC supporters mock PDP supporters over Bauchi,Kogi and Katsina elections


Supporters of the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) have taken to social media to mock Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) supporters for the perceived outcome of today’s polls.

Elections held today in Kogi, Katsina and Bauchi, and from many reports, it appears the APC has taken major leads.

This has prompted it’s supporters to chant the songs of victory as they mock PDP supporters.

Meanwhile the opposition party has made several claims that the ruling party rigged the polls today, and are asking for a cancellation. The PDP claimed that vote buying, ballot box snatching and intimidation were the order of the day.

APC supporters on the other hand, are measuring their perceived victory for today’s polls with what 2019 presidential election will look like.

See their comments below

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