Drama As Worshippers Attack And Force Bishop Out From Church

Drama erupted at African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) in Nyandarua County, Kenya on Sunday after worshipers attacked and forced a bishop out of the church compound.

The worshippers told Bishop Ayub Kigotho that they neither required his sermon nor services.

Efforts by Bishop Kigotho to plead with his flock fell on deaf ears of the rowdy worshippers who sang songs against him. The worshippers locked the gate, forcing the bishop, who was accompanied by a few church elders, to camp outside the church, as a section of priests loyal to the bishop watched from inside the church compound.

The six loyal priests, who had arrived at the church early in the morning, broke the padlocks, entered the church and started a worship session as they awaited the bishop’s arrival.

Church members, who refused to enter into the church, started a parallel service, which was interrupted by the arrival of the bishop.

“Your services are not needed here. Go where you belong, you won’t access the church, you are a troublemaker,” shouted a worshiper as a group of young men pushed the man of God out of the church compound.

The worshipers threatened to be violent when the bishop returned into the church compound in the company a team of senior police officers led by OCS Mark Masinde and Administration Police Inspector Samuel Mutua. The rowdy crowd once again forced the man of God outside the compound.


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