Georgina Onuoha praises Digidi Dunhill who slammed Kenneth Okonkwo over support for President Buhari

Actor Kenneth Okonkwo earned the ire of a number of Nigerians after he declared support for President Buhari, stating that Nigeria will not get a better President than the current one.

He got called out for his statement but he stood his grounds and said he owes no one an apology and he stands by his words.

A number of celebrities, including Charly Boy, have called him out for his statement. Fellow actor, Digidi Dunhill also called Kenneth Okonkwo out, and actress Georgina Onuoha shared Digidi’s scathing message to Kenneth while praising one and joining in slamming the other.

She wrote:

Words fail me as I watched Kenneth’s video regarding his political views and his comments about the Igbos. Seeing these words from Digidi Dunhill just left me wondering how powerful our voices can be as actors. These two men are products of Nollywood. Both respected and accomplished in their own way. I will stand by dignity, principles and honesty over anything.

Here is Dunhills words to Kenneth Okonkwo “ I want to categorically say this after watching his recent utterances on the issues concerning Nigeria, that I DIGIDI DUNHILL regrets knowing this man whose picture appears here. I am aware that we have freedom of speech, beliefs and association, but I see no freedom in what kills mothers, children, fathers, brothers and sisters.

When you are supposed to be the voice of the unheared ,but because of selfish gains decided to be a voice of the heared speaking against the unheared.That day you became a disgrace to Igbo race, a Judas to Nigerians, an embarrassment to your fans, a betrayer to politicians, a traitor to your kinsmen, an insult to Nollywood and a cancarworm to manhood.

A lot of our colleagues will not tell you this, but I am known for speaking without fear or favour, you got it wrong by telling the world that you are mentally and spiritually poor. Poverty is not how empty your bank account is,but how empty your heart is.Your fans made you, watch the same fans wreck you.I know we all need to make greens,i am ashamed of your desperation in making greens. YOU LIVE AND REMAIN IN BONDAGE”

Leave your opinions and comments below. Where do you stand as a true Nigerian that wants reform, progress, human dignity and decency. I will err on path of truth.

Politics is the act of the impossible as many will do any and everything for power and money. May wisdom find us all. If the current state of affairs in Nigeria is good for you, follow your heart and continue this anarchy and Fascism going on in Nigeria masquerading as democracy. I cry for my people, I cry for my country Nigeria ??. Until we begin to look beyond our stomach and politics of identity, our suffering and bondage will only continue as a people.

Digidi I salute U.

@digididunhill @realkennethokonkwo

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