Muslim Girl Attacked By Online Trolls After Posting Bikini Pictures On Social Media

An Indian actress has been attacked by online trolls after she posted pictures of herself wearing a bikini on holiday. Sara Khan, 29, a popular television actress, uploaded snaps of herself taken while on holiday in Goa, India, and Dubai, UAE.

Another added: ‘U are Muslim fear Allah. She mite as well sell her body for doin this disgustin pics sharam Kar ur Muslim not white girl [sic].’

One commented: ‘Change your religion do what ever then shame on u Sara you was my inspiration but now I hate you Allah will give you punishment for this shame on you [sic].’

Ms Khan has previously replied to some of her followers who criticise her over her social media images, saying: “We respect each one of you.

‘We respect your thoughts, we respect what you feel but you guys should respect us too. We don’t do any wrong purposely.’

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