NASS Siege: All the conspiracy theories that have emanated for/againts Saraki

As debate about the Tuesday’s siege on the National Assembly continue to grow, more conspiracy theories are also growing with it. Nigerians have taken to all social media platforms to discuss the drama that took place at the complex of the National Assembly yesterday. Everyone is trying to solve the riddle as to who really orchestrated the plot and hence, a lot have come up with different suggestions.

Some masked armed men of the Department of State Services(DSS) invaded the National Assembly yesterday, preventing lawmakers and staffs from gaining access. However, the Lawmakers mostly on ground, were members of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The questions that have continued to beg for answers are:

Why were the lawmakers there so early?

Where were the All Progressives Congress(APC) lawmakers?

Who ordered the DSS to be there?

Well, here are few theories that some Nigerians have come up with via Twitter and we want you to take a look

That Saraki’s personal photography was on ground even before DSS arrived

There was no plot to impeach Saraki


Why the PDP senators came out very early to the NASS complex

Democracy always in danger, whenever Saraki is in trouble



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