‘Sometimes I wish I wasn’t gay, Is there a pill I can take or surgery I can undergo?’ – Gay reality star laments

Gay ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star, Milan Christopher who has repeatedly suffered from homophobic abuse online over his sexuality has said he wishes he could just be what the society think is normal.

Taking to his Twitter page to react, he wrote:

You know… Sometimes I wish I wasn’t gay. For the people that think it’s a choice.. Like today is one of those days.. i wish I could just be what society think is normal. Shit would be so much easier.. Like is there a F****ng pill I can take or surgery I can undergo. Overit!

Milan also took to his Instagram page to vent his anger writing:
Y’all definitely won.. I guess if I die I can come back in my next life as something other then a freak, or lowest of societies low… I have fought straight men for straight women, I have to work 10x as hard then the average straight man just to be looked at, I have to be above & beyond exceptional to even be remotely considered for anything. I literally have more talent in my left thumb and doors get shut based off of who I am & how I was born. Y’all can have it all since y’all take it all anyway & then make me feel like shit cuz I’m the gay & fawk all that I do and have done to get to this point! Being your authentic self, truthful and honest means absolutely nothing because you diminish me every chance y’all get to just “gay dude” the fag, the pu**y, the sissy. I see why some of us have to put a wig on and act a certain way to mask and make fun of ourselves before y’all do just to divert away from who we are just to be socially accepted. I’m completely over it all at this point! Y’all won!


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