Top 10 best Banks in Nigeria and their worth ( 2018 Latest Ranking List)

In Nigeria, lots of banks have been strengthened through the influence of the central monetary system –widely regarded as the Central Bank of Nigeria. In this regard, the CBN has continually formulated banking policies aimed at saving the commercial banks from banking difficulties such as insolvency. In the event of banking difficulties, the CBN may grant loans to certain banks in order to stabilize their operations and prevent them from likely liquidation. ( Top 10 Best Banks in Nigeria 2018 {Latest Ranking List} ). In reality, banks are not only meant for safeguarding people’s valuables but also established as solid foundations on which an operative economic system can be built. For the economy of any country to be stable, existing banks must be equipped with enormous funds from which people may borrow in order to settle financial obligations.

As to the focal point of this post, we’re pleased to provide you with the names of Nigeria’s leading banks. Meanwhile, this post comes in form of a ranking that comprises the Top 10 Nigerian Banks. Also noteworthy, these banks are ranked in accordance with their total assets and it is supposed that each of them provides its customers with reliable and stable banking services.

If you’re keen on finding out the leading banks within Nigeria’s banking sector, we believe this post is perfectly made for you. So, read on as we bring you the names of these top banks starting from the first to the penultimate bank.

List of The Top 10 Best Banks in Nigeria 2018 Top {Latest Ranking}

1. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc {GTBank}

Guaranty Trust Bank is easily shortened to GTBank and precisely, it claims the greatest spot on this list. Since it was set up in 1990, GTBank has constantly broadened its customer base and presently, it maintains an unrivaled feat as the best Nigerian bank. Having acquired assets estimated at ₦11.77trillion altogether, GTBank buttresses its banking services by operating across all 36 Nigerian States through its subsidiaries. Based on reports, GTBank currently has a massive staff of 10,000 members.

2. First Bank Plc {FBN}

Other than its notability as one of Nigeria’s leading banks, First Bank happens to be first banking institution to be established in Nigeria. Established in 1894, First Bank previously adopted the name Bank of West Africa. Meanwhile, the banking institution phased out the name in 1979 and replaced it with First Bank of Nigeria Plc.

For innumerable years, First Bank has remained an active banking institution spanning its banking operations across and beyond the borders of Nigeria. And quite impressively, the bank now has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and across several West African countries including Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia. Just a little behind GTBank, First Bank happens to be the second biggest Nigerian bank with its total assets estimated to be worth ₦21.3 billion.


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