‘When you buy a car don’t pass the old one to her, buy her own car’ – Nigerian man advises married men

An Abuja-based businessman, Adewale Aladejana has advised married men to upgrade their wives too as they move up in life.

Instead of giving them ‘hand-me-downs’, they should equally get same for their spouse at the same time.

Read his post as shared on Instagram below:

Recently the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about certain things one of which was how I treated my wife as regards to the things I got for myself. My phone was stolen recently so I got a new phone and the Holy Spirit said to me “get one for your wife too”. If you are a married man when you are shopping, shop for two people, when you buy a car don’t pass the old one to her, buy her own car as well. If you have lots of real estate buy some in your wife’s name. As your life moves up, make sure you are upgrading your wife too, trust me this is how to release grace!

I don’t know why but things like this releases favor like never before. Men; try it from this moment begin to buy yours and that of your wife and the first thing you will notice is that you won’t struggle with the money.

Godly wisdom gives you speed and an edge in life and this is a revelation that is changing my life. Tag your husband

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