Wife Sues Her Husband For Wearing Makeup And Dressing Like A Woman

A woman has filed for divorce after her husband began to wear ‘sexy thongs and pantyhose’ around the house. The unnamed woman is demanding financial compensation after her cross-dressing husband of nine years made her depressed, she claims.

Reports say the man turned violent when his wife tried to discuss the issue with him.

Turkey’s Hürriyet said the woman is seeking 200,000 Turkish Lira (around £24,400) after launching divorce proceedings at an Istanbul Family Court.

Her lawyer said the husband allegedly began to wear make-up and dress in women’s clothes two years ago.

But the husband has filed a counter-suit, alleging that the woman questioned both his gender and fertility.

‘His wife implies that my client has a different sexual orientation, attempting to blackmail him with this claim,’ said the husband’s lawyer, who is seeking a divorce without compensation.

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