Wizkid’s first babymama throws major shade at him as she talks about Karma

It’s no news that Nigerian singer, Wizkid is not fulfilling his role as a responsible parent as his babymamas has never failed to point out.

One of his baby mamas, Shola Ogudu is throwing shades at him with her recent post on Instagram where she talked about Karma.

Shola, in a message on her Instagram stories, talked about how some parents neglect their kids and even worse when these children begin to understand the situation by themselves.

She wrote:

You wanna know what’s worse than a child being told his/her parents irresponsibility and Negligence towards them!? Seeing a child growing to understand it by him/herself.
Seeing is believing my people. KARMA is as real as it gets. Be careful how you lay your bed in this present day, cos the seed you sow now, determines if you ever get a bed to lay on in the future. Be wise and YOLO with sense.


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