Yoruba Feminist insists she won’t kneel down for her husband during her wedding ceremony

A Nigerian woman based in Toronto has told of how she challenged cultural norms by choosing not to kneel down for her husband during her traditional marriage, and that Nigerian men are mad about it.

The gorgeous Yoruba bride said she and her husband spoke to the coordinators (Alagas) ahead of the wedding and asked that they do not ask her to kneel for her husband. The wedding day came and it was the way the bride and groom wanted it. There was no mention of submission and she didn’t have to kneel.

She said her sister also took a stand at her own wedding which took place earlier this week.

According to her:

“Speaking of submission, during my Yoruba engagement, my husband and I told the Alagas to not use that word or ask me to kneel for him. Everyone told me it wouldn’t be possible because, culture. But guess whose knees didn’t touch the ground?”

“My sister’s wedding was earlier this week and she also warned against using the term “ile oko” (husband’s house). Everyone is setting their house rules and removing the bs one act at a time. Looking forward to subversive “no wedding” family members lol”

After she shared her story, some women who did the same thing came to share theirs. A few Nigerian men applauded her for challenging the status quo.

But the majority of Nigerian men were angry and called her out. Some even insulted her husband for supporting her.

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