APC Presidential aspirant, Garba Adamu makes U-turn because of exorbitant price of nomination form

All Progressives Congress(APC) presidential aspirant, Garba Adamu has changed his mind about picking up the N45m nomination form of the party. This he says is because he can not “justify legitimizing such a huge sum of money just to participate in the party primaries for the coming 2019 election.”

Adamu, who was the only candidate, contending with incumbent president and APC presidential aspirant, Muhammadu Buhari said “taking such a step to set a bad precedent for the future of young people contesting positions in political parties, specifically the APC. ”

In a statement signed by Garba Adamu on Tuesday, he stated that his action was in solidarity of other young people with the heart to go into politics but are unable to, because the system has been monetized. He added also that is team are on a nationwide consulting, and would let his supporters know, their next line of action.

See full statement below

I consider taking such a step to set a bad precedent for the future of young people contesting positions in political parties, specifically the APC. Many of which currently are disenfranchised, not for lack of competence, character or capability, but on the monetary ground..

We deem it fit to go in solidarity with other young people, who due to over monetization of the political space in Nigeria, we’re finding it hard to participate. We take this as a direct plan to sideline majority of Nigerians, particularly the youth in the coming 2019 election.

In a country where 92% of the population is living below N60,000.00 a month & 87 million people in extreme poverty, 6 people get to extreme poverty level per minute, we consider such amount to be insensitive to the feelings of most Nigerians, currently going through hard times.

My conscience does not reconcile with the fact that we put such amount in a country that needs consideration for the poor, encouragement for the youth to participate in politics and, a progressive party that will bring about inclusive governance based on capacity, not money.

We understand that the party needs to generate fund to carry on with its obligations, but parties generate fund from other sources, like memberships, etc not from the candidate. Such practice will eventually encourage public servant to be corrupt prone, once in office.

We’re still conducting a nationwide consultation from all stakeholders. We’ll let our supporters know our next line of action in due cause. However, know that the journey to make Nigeria great is an unceasing one. We will continue as soon as we are through with consultations.

Thank you so very much for your continued support as we keep marching Forward for Progress


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