Aptitude Test Past Questions & Answers in Nigeria – The Secret To Your Exam Success

You can pass exams using aptitude test past questions in Nigeria – yes, you can! Whether it involves studying with post UTME past questions, job aptitude test past questions, bank aptitude test past questions or scholarship exams past questions, there are steps to take that’ll help you excel.

Based on recent observations, exam bodies in Nigeria hardly come up with free questions for exams again. All they do is recycle previous questions or tweak them in a way to produce new questions for test candidates. However, you must consider a series of factors when preparing for examinations before even purchasing the study materials. Some of these factors include the type of aptitude test, exam body responsible for the test, exam condition, exam rules, cutoff marks etc.

According to the JAMB Registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyede, only 25 percent of the candidates that sat for the 2018 JAMB UTME scored above 200. This is a bad thing, right? Not really, it gets worse. Only a quarter of these candidates will actually pass the screening exercise and gain admission into their chosen tertiary institution. Why? Lack of proper practice.

Starting from the root but ignoring secondary education, the post UTME examination has become the main obstacle that most candidates face when seeking admission. Other obstacles in form of aptitude tests usually pop up later in life when trying to;

  • Get a Scholarship (Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarship)
  • Get a Bank Job
  • Get a Job in a Multinational Company

I’m happy to tell you, there is a way around it. You are about to find out how Aptitude test past questions in Nigeria can help you prepare adequately for a screening exercise. But before we delve any deeper, let’s begin with the basics.

What is an Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test is any type of assessment designed to evaluate your talent, ability or potential to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge or training. For example, legal firms conduct a verbal reasoning test to assess an applicant’s ability to draw conclusions from legal documents.

Some types of aptitude tests include;

  • Numerical Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Logical/Critical Reasoning Tests
  • Language or Literacy Skill Tests
  • Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • Inductive and Deductive Reasoning Tests
  • Concentration Tests
  • Error Checking Tests
  • Field-Related Tests

The list goes on and on. This begs an important question; how do you know which specific aptitude test to expect in your screening exercise, and how can you prepare for it? Basically, it depends on the exam body conducting the test.

Major Aptitude Test Past Questions in Nigeria

A basic understanding of the body in charge of an exam gives an insight into the nature of their evaluation. You’ll know exactly what the screening entails and how aptitude test past questions in Nigeria can help you excel.

For the purpose of brevity, we’ll be discussing how you can use aptitude test past questions to pass three major screening exercises in Nigeria. Let’s jump right in.

1. Gain Admission Using Post UTME past questions

Post UTME screening exercise is designed to assess your ability to cope in your first year at the tertiary institution. While some school assess your ability to reason at different levels, others simply test your knowledge of the subjects related to your chosen course.

So, while the former could involve abstract reasoning and verbal reasoning tests, the latter often involves the use of English, and other subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc.

So, how can the post UTME past questions in Nigeria help you excel at this exercise, you ask? It helps you understand the demands of the exam body. You’ll know what parts to focus on during your preparation. In addition to these, you’ll know if you are truly prepared for the screening examination.

Outlined below are some tips to follow when using post UTME past questions in Nigeria.

  • Understand the nature of the examination for the school you’re applying for
  • Get the most up-to-date version of the post UTME past question in Nigeria.
  • Try to understand the question before attempting to answer
  • Put yourself in the examination condition
  • Practice constantly and use the appropriate textbook to confirm your answers

Please note that it’s never a good idea to cram post UTME past questions. Frequent practice will help you understand these questions and answering them correctly will get easy. At times, you might be lucky to get some questions repeated in the main exam but that’s not guaranteed.

2. Get Funding Using Scholarship Exam Past Questions

Why do you need a scholarship exam past question? Most multinational companies and NGOs offer university scholarships to candidates that display high potentials. As such, they organize a screening exercise to select only the brightest candidates.

The screening exercise is supposed to assess your numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning. Some companies also include an assessment of inductive and deductive reasoning. This is why you need the scholarship exam past question in Nigeria. It gives you an insight into the nature of the questions.

Some of the most popular scholarship exam past questions in Nigeria include the Agbami, MTN, Chevron, Total, NNPC, NDDC, PTDF, AGIP, ExxonMobil, FSB/BEA, Jim Ovia, NITDA, NLNG, Shell, SNEPCO, UNICEF/SPIC etc.

3. Gain Employment Using Job Aptitude Test Past Questions

Unemployment is real, we all know. When preparing to get a job in Nigeria, you really need to keep your head up your sleeves and prepare as much as you can. This begs for the reason to get job aptitude test past questions in Nigeria. In a country that is plagued with underemployment and unemployment, applicants need as much help as they can get when seeking a job.

Every job aptitude test in Nigeria is uniquely designed to suit each company. For example, a legal firm tests verbal reasoning, inductive and deductive reasoning, an auditing firm such as KPMG evaluates numerical reasoning, and Conglomerates assess general reasoning. Getting the appropriate job aptitude test past question will enable you to prepare adequately for any upcoming job test.

One of the most difficult aptitude tests are bank job tests. Bank tests do not involve filed-related tests, they are mostly reasoning questions. This is why Bank test past questions are highly important.

How to Study Using Past Questions

Now that you know the trick and appropriate past questions for each of these exams, there is just one question left; how can you use these study materials effectively to pass the screening exercises?

Outlined below are tips on how to use exam past questions to your success in Nigeria.

1. Get the past question

Naturally, this is this is the first step to take towards preparing for any aptitude test in Nigeria. You must find a trusted platform or agent to download the updated version of past questions of your desired test. Two of the best platforms in Nigeria for aptitude test past questions include Testsregard and Eduregard, you can check them out on google.

2. Practice the Aptitude Test Questions

Your confidence increases as you practice more aptitude test past questions. This also increases your experience with the various kind of questions, especially when you’re preparing for abstract reasoning.

3. Do Not Make Wild Guesses

You may be tempted to guess the answers to questions, rather than attempt to understand them. This is a bad idea. Understanding the question provides the insight and experience needed to answer other similar questions.

4. Put Yourself in the Exam Condition

Before attempting any past question, put yourself in the exam condition. Imagine yourself in the examination hall, use a stopwatch to time yourself appropriately. If the exam body does not allow the use of a calculator, do not use it.

Do this every day within a week of the examination.  

On a Final Note

It doesn’t matter which aptitude test you’re preparing for, whether it’s a bank job at Access bank PLC, MTN scholarship test or UNILORIN post UTME examination, the right past question helps you prepare adequately, then it’s up to you to be diligent and hardworking.

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