“Baby snitch you will be ok” – Tonto Dikeh reacts to Kokun’s declaration that he is depressed

Earlier today, AKPRAISE MEDIA reported that popular Nigerian philanthropist, Adepeju Olakokun, who owns Kokun Foundation, revealed that he is depressed and is even contemplating suicide.

Kokun had taken to his Instastory to talk about his depression and wrote;

“God knows I have never been so sad and depressed this way for a very long time… I feel like committing suicide.

“I feel so much Depress.. Can’t believe this happen to me .. I am very sad and feel with pain.. God I taught you have answered my prayers… This so much for me”.

Kokun’s one-time friend, Tonto Dikeh, has reacted to Kokun’s declaration that he is depressed and suicidal.

She wrote: “Baby snitch you will be ok ,IJN..We praying for you”

Exchange Below:

Recall that Tonto Dikeh who was close friends with Kokun, fell out after he leaked their private chats to a boutique owner and socialite, Tundewear.

Kokun had posted Tunde’s photo on his page, hailing him for being a major sponsor of his charity, but Tonto Dikeh sent Kokun a private message declaring how much she hates Tunde and could kill him if she had the chance to.

She called Tunde gay and said she personally stops her politician friends from shopping from him. She also revealed they have never met but he has said bad things about her.

When Kokun said Tunde had donated over N5million to his charity, Tonto said she don’t care, but will unfollow Kokun if the photo is still there.

Kokun then sent the chats to Tunde without knowing Tunde will publicly post it on Instagram, calling out Tonto Dikeh.

After being blasted by many for being a snitch, Kokun apologized, saying it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life.