Betting Tips: list of teams that would play high number of corner kicks today

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With straight winnings often resulting in disappointment a lot of the times. Another good option that can be tapped into by punters is the corner kick markets. This area also offer the same, if not more odds than the conventional straight winning odds.

Corner kicks market, offers more reward in some instances than straight winnings. For instance, in the Parma vs Juventus match: Juventus is priced at a mere 1.19 odds whereas Parma is at almost 11 odds. This match is sure a corner playing one because Parma would sure want to park the bus and Juventus  would keep attacking which would  generate corners. The 10 mins corner for this match is 1.56, which is way higher than the 1.19 odds for straight win.

To this end, we have some teams below that are  likely to generate corners. 

Watford vs Tottenham:  over 8.5 corner- 1.70

Real Betis vs Sevilla: 10 minutes corner- 1.68, over 8.5 corner- 1.62

Monaco vs Marseille :over 9.5 corners – 2.03

what do you think???

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