Enugu Governorship: Kenneth Okonkwo Disqualified By APC Over Failure To Buy ₦22 Million Nomination Form

Nollywood actor turned politician, Kenneth Okonkwo has allegedly been disqualified from Enugu gubernatorial race, according to reports.

Kenneth Okonkwo who was born in Nsukka, Enugu State was not screened out as is being speculated, he was unable to purchase the Expression of interest/ nomination forms by the deadline date provided according to reports.

The source is quoted as saying:

“How can we screen somebody that did not submit a form? What happened was that he was hoping to get a waiver but we told him that the Party does not wave fees.

Not just in APC; in every party you go, all the aspirants are expected to come up with their money to fund their nomination forms.

Those that don’t want to come out themselves will tell you a group bought for them. In this case, Kenneth did not purchase his form by the deadline talkless of coming for screening…”

The All Progressives Congress Party had set their fees for Governorship aspirants at N22m.