Get Rewarded For Your Enterprise, As Nomination Begins For The Entrepreneur Africa Awards

With excitement, NOMINATIONS have officially commenced for The Entrepreneur Africa Awards, 2018 (TEAM Africa Awards).

This Award, founded in 2017 by The Entrepreneur Africa Magazine (TEAM), is an annual project/event created to celebrate and reward African businesses and the people behind them. It recognizes and rewards spirit of enterprise, innovation, corporate excellence, hardwork, ground-breaking, and overall impact in the field of entrepreneurship, corporate circle, and philanthropy, by Africans, young or older.

Some of the categories also come with amazing prizes. Examples below:

  1. Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award: the winner of this category also receives N200,000 business grant.
  2. Tech Startup Of The Year Award: winner of this category also receives solar power package (worth N300,000, courtesy of Arnergy solar Ltd)
  3. Top 10 Startups of The Year Awards: each of the 10 winners of this category goes home with material gifts worth N100,000 each.

Visit to see which of the 27 categories you or your business fits into, or someone/company you know, big or small, fits into. And Then NOMINATE! Nomination closes on October 12, 2018.


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