I Feel As If I Am In Hell Anytime I Go To Bed – ‘Man Haunted By Evil Spirit’

A man has lamented about his life which he feels is being haunted by evil spirits. The 51-year-old South African man identified as Augustine Bimbi, says it feels like the gates of hell have opened anytime he wants to go to bed. He said for about 19 years, he had been terrorised by an evil at night. He said the evil creature was ruining his life.

Augustine said he has lost a lot of money while trying to get help from nine native doctors and a prophet. He told Daily Sun that things had gone from bad to worse as the evil creature had become more dangerous.

“I feel as if I am already in hell. I don’t remember the last time I had a peaceful sleep,” he said. “At night I always see the shadow of a woman coming towards me and trying to strangle me. The shadow forces me to sleep with it.

“From then on I do not feel horny for about two weeks as my 4-5 is numb. My wife has moved out of our bedroom. I don’t remember the last time I made love to her. There’s a lot of tension in the house.

“My kids are failing at school and all my business ventures have collapsed. I no longer find work and money disappears from the house,” he said.

Augustine said many of his relatives had died within a short space of time. “Native doctors have warned me that this thing will wipe out my whole family,” he said.

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