I feel like committing suicide – CEO Kokun Foundation shares how depressed he has been lately

There’s one absolute truth we can all agree on about this country: Nigeria needs heroes. A lot of them.

The country has been failed time and again by people in real positions of power to do something about its decay that it’s easy to completely lose all hope in the country.

However, there are people who are not giving up just yet; people who still battle to protect the little flicker of hope in the pervading darkness that the country struggles in.

Adepeju Olukokun is only another average Nigerian who decided that he had had enough with the government’s system of willful neglect and disappointment and was intent on doing something about it.

Olukokun had experienced hardship first hand, growing up in a polygamous family where sustenance was hard, hawking on the street for the better part of 15 years.

The things he was exposed to growing up inspired him to do his part to make sure he could prevent other people having to suffer through the same. This led to what is known today as Kokun Foundation.

Well, NGO Owner, Kokun, took to his insta-story to share his depression story and how he is currently feeling suicidal even though it’s been a while he was sad.

According to Kokun, the depression challenge he is currently facing is so much for him.

Here is post the philanthropist shared below;

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