I was shocked to hear 2Baba, Timaya, other Nigerian songs in Jamaica — Iceberg Slim

Singer, Iceberg Slim, speaks with Joy Marcus on his trip to Jamaica

How frequently do you travel?

I go on vacation at least twice a year.

Do you enjoy travelling?

I love travelling because it’s usually an escape for me from stress and work.

What country did you visit recently?

I visited Jamaica in 2016. I went there because I wanted to experience the authentic vibes and culture of Jamaicans. Also, our family house in New York City is in a predominantly Jamaican/West Indian neighbourhood; so, I have always taken a liking to their culture, people and food.

What was your experience?

The experience I had in Jamaica was amazing. It was actually my second time there and I had so much fun. I enjoyed every moment of my stay there. They show foreigners so much love and hospitality. If you visit Jamaica, you will always receive a warm welcome. The funny thing is that they thought I was a Jamaican.

What were some of the fun things you can remember doing in Jamaica?

I went snorkelling for the first time. I also went parasailing and deep-sea diving. It was definitely an experience to remember for a long time and an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Some people believe that Jamaica is a violent country where one could easily get hit by stray bullets. Did you experience anything of that nature?

Just like everywhere else in the world, Jamaica has its good and bad parts. The famous “ghetto” of Jamaica is Kingston but I didn’t go there. I just stayed within the tourist areas.”

Are Jamaicans friendly towards Nigerians?

Jamaicans are generally friendly and for the fact that we share the same skin colour, they were very welcoming. They actually enjoy our music as well, which to me is pretty amazing. While there, I heard them play the songs of Skales, 2baba, Timaya, and P-Square. I was shocked and happy.

How would you describe their weather?

As of the time I was there, the weather was hot but very airy. The resort I stayed in overlooked the beach. The water was light blue and the sand was white.

How convenient was it for you to make payments in Jamaica?

They spend Jamaican dollars but I didn’t change money. Each time I needed to make payments, I just used my American bank card.

Was there any time you wished you were in Nigeria during the trip?

No, there was nothing of such. I was on vacation and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Also, it was an escape from reality for me.

What was your in-flight experience?

I flew from New York to Florida, then from Florida to Jamaica. There is no direct flight from New York to Jamaica. Though the flight was relaxed, I couldn’t wait to start my vacation.

Which places did you visit while there?

I didn’t really tour the country. I stayed at two resorts; one in Montego Bay and the other in Ocho Rios and it was exciting because I really enjoyed myself. In fact, Jamaica is beautiful.

Did you go shopping?

Not really but I bought some souvenirs from the gift shops at the resorts.

What can you say about the scenery?

It was beautiful. They have blue water, blue sky and white sand.

What other countries would you like to visit?

I would love to visit Maldives, in South Asia. It looks beautiful online and I also look forward to having a wonderful experience there.

How would you advise anyone who wants to visit the country?

If you are planning to go to Jamaica, make sure you are ready to have the time of your life because you will not be disappointed.