I’m Too Possessive To Marry An Actor- Nollywood Actress, Ferrari Bongkem

Ferrari Bongkem is blessed with rare acting talent. Popularly known as ‘Omotoke Gold’ in Nollywood, the chubby role interpreter, who is also a producer and skin therapist, opens up on her career, relationship, nationality and sundry other issues.

How did you come into acting?
I came into the industry through Kunle Afod, who was introduced to me by a marketer.

How did you come about your name, Ferrari Bongkem?
Ferrari Bongkem is my real name. My dad named me ‎Ferrari while Bongkem is my indigenous name, being a Cameroonian.

Who amongst the Nollywood actors can you date?
They are all wonderful but I can’t date or marry an actor. I am way too possessive and jealous a person to settle down with one. Though, I am crushing on Don Jazzy, there are many women that want him too.

Are you in any serious relationship right now?
No. I am very single.

Can you marry a man younger than you?
Yes, I can, if he’s very mature. Age is not maturity so far he can treat a woman well.


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