“Low budget gigolos” – Nigerians take to social media to frown at the Sweet Boys Association trend

Ever since the Sweet Boys Association went viral over the internet and seeing a lot of young men referring to themselves as members, some Nigerians on twitter have reacted to the trend and they don’t really have nice words to say about the group.

Some Twitter users think Sweet Boys are just “low budget gigolos” and “male slay queens” that go about fleecing on rich women.

The trend began with Falz and some other popular and not so popular bearded young men. It gained momentum when Falz released an anthem for it, created a website, and released a code of conduct.

But a lot of Twitter users feel the Sweet Boys Association are simply men who make their money off of women. The Sweet Boys Association have been dragged by men and women on Twitter, but mostly by women.

The women on Twitter feel that for so long, men have turned every label that women try to own into a derogatory word, case in point, Slay Queen and Small Girl Big God. As a result, they have decided to turn the tables and do some with Sweet Boys Association.

See more social media reactions to the Sweet Boys Association.

Someone even went as far as tweeting the Urban Dictionary meaning of Sweet Boys and the definition is highly derogatory.

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