Meet hardworking lady who makes money from painting instead of engaging in unlawful and immoral practices (Photos)

The story of a hardworking lady making money from taking up an honest profession instead of engaging in dishonourable vices to make ends meet is trending online.

In this era of ‘Small Girls with Big God’, ‘Daughters and Sons of Grace’, hard work and patience is rare as most people are caught up in the rat race of getting rich quick and as such, they engage in most unlawful and immoral practices.

However, the narrative is entirely different in the case of a lady who recently went viral on Facebook for the right reason. She is a student, and she supports herself with her painting jobs.

The lady identified as Musah Mufeedah had taken to her page to share photos from one of her jobs as she declared that she was proud with her Handiwork

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

“U can stil style when working

Proudly a bae of her self

Don’t form if u are not a hard working bae

Yes I can do it….. Incase u don’t know am from kogi state ooooo.”

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